Meeting FMVSS 302 standards

My client is asking for a fabric that has a “four minute max” on FMVSS 302. What does that mean?

FMVSS 302 is an abbreviation for “flammability of interior materials,” and is a frequently referenced U.S. government specification for flammability, despite the fact that its intended use is for fabrics in the interior of motor vehicles. Items covered under FMVSS 302 include things like seat covers, headliners and instrument panel padding. In the general requirements section of the specification, it states “material shall not burn, nor transmit a flame front across its surface at a rate of more than four inches per minute.” Essentially, your customer is asking if the fabric meets FMVSS 302 standards.

SOURCE U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Safety Assurance, Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance

Juli Case is IFAI’s information and technical services manager.


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  • Paul


    Hello Shailendra, Thank you for your question. Try contacting our INFOcentral resource with your heating thicker fabrics question. Here's the link to the IFAI INFOcentral page: Good luck!


    Dear Sir, We are a processor of Non Woven Fabrics( 100% Recycled Polyester) for various chemical treatments. We are Using Phosphorus Base organic water soluble FR Chemical. Our Fabrics are either Needle Punched & Calendared or Chemical Bond. This starts from 50 Gsm- 0.25 mm thickness to 250 Gsm 2 mm thickness. As per FMVSS 302, no where the GSM/ THICK. OR Volume of material is given. Could you please clarify how the amount of heat can be the same for 50 Gsm 0.35 mm Thick Fabric and or 500 gSM 5 MM Thickness. Many cos. use this fabric after sticking the same with help of LDPE Films ( In parcel tray molding, for Cars)to thick Felt which may or may not FR, then it becomes composite of thickness of 8 mm & high amount of heat is given for testing, the fabrics of us fails, but if individually tested, it passes. Kindly advise for the volume.thick or Gsm role in FMVSS 302. Best regards. SHAILENDRA SHARMA

  • Joyce

    How many specimens shall be tested ?

  • felt

    Is there any complete specifications


    I have been asked to supply a warning label which will be affixed to a plastic substrate on the rear of an automobile airbag.  they ask that it conforms to FMVSS FMVSS302?  What are these specifications?



  • Neo

    FMVSS 302|Flammability of Interior Materials  I need E-books

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