Folding, stacking yacht sunroof shades boaters

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Designers and builders of yachts 35 to 130 feet long want the wind at their backs, the sun on their faces and a canvas sunroof that retracts and folds automatically. Trend Marine Products, Norfolk, England, produces glass and glazing solutions, carbon fiber skeletal roofs and roof drive systems for recreational boats. OEM yacht designers and builders asked for a waterproof, durable and easy-to-use canvas sunroof system that meets customers’ quality and cost expectations. The electrically operated and controlled folding system was on display at the Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in November.

The waterproof canvas roof is custom-designed, double-skinned and features a control interface that is easy to install. The sunroof is available in 12V or 24V versions that electrically power an IP65-rated motor and durable drive system. With the touch of a button, the sunroof system both folds and stacks the canvas when it opens. Trend Marine’s U.S. partner, Taylor Made Systems, Gloversville, N.Y., will manufacture the identical roof system for yacht builders in the U.S., saving American OEMs the cost of importing the new system. Both Trend Marine Products and Taylor Made Systems are part of the Taylor Made Group LLC.


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  • David

    The canvas

    I have used some of this fabric before and love it. Works really well on a friend of mines yacht.

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