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  • Is your company stuck?

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    Is your business growing and giving you the results you want? Or are you stuck and can't seem to get moving? Here are five simple steps to get your business unstuck.

    1. Re-focus on what you want. Remember your original dream-the one that includes owning a prosperous company that is organized, profitable, has lots of great customers, is run by your empowered managers, and gives you freedom and time to enjoy your life.

    2. Realize you are a business builder. You will never reach your goals if you don't grow yourself. To grow, you've got to let go, delegate, and do what you do best: sell. You must invest time to build relationships with loyal customers plus find new ones.

    3. Replace yourself with systems. In order to delegate, you need systems and procedures in place that don't rely on you directing every decision. Put your standards on paper and train your people to follow them.

    4. Hire the best. Now that you know where you're going and have systems in place, you can start building a strong management team prepared to take your company to the next level.

    5. Enjoy the ride. With your company organized and growing, you can now focus on creating more opportunities for your business to prosper and grow.

    From George Hedley's latest book "Get Your Business to Work!" As a business coach, Hedley helps entrepreneurs and business owners build profitable companies.