April 2014 Issue

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  • Printing performance

    Faster turnaround times, user-friendly operation and a convenient maintenance door.

  • Adhesion promoters

    Provides a variety of value-added products to the sign, screen and graphics arts markets.

  • Leather cutting system

    Gerber Technology introduced the Taurus featuring advanced nesting capabilities up to 250 times more powerful.

  • Marine mastery

    Kaplan Sewing Machine introduces the Typical GC0605A walking-foot machine.

  • Easy zipper repair

    Fast, easy zipper repair without needles, threads or tools.

  • Ultrasonic bonding

    Herrmann Ultrasonics provides customized solutions for bonding, slitting, cutting and embossing applications of nonwoven, film and textile materials.

  • 2014 Specialty Fabrics Showcase: Part 1

    Fabrics that emphasize strength, durability, sustainability, safety and comfort.

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