September 2011 Issue

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  • Rickshaw Bagworks Inc. develops products for urbanites on the move. A new line of sleeves for the MacBook Air® and IPad® tablet computers uses rugged INVISTA CORDURA® brand fabric. Photo: Rickshaw Bagworks Inc.

    New sleeves protect high-tech tools

    A new line of sleeves developed by Rickshaw Bagworks Inc. for the MacBook Air® and IPad® tablet uses rugged INVISTA CORDURA® brand fabric to protect these high-tech tools.

  • The warmth of far-infrared heating is cleverly disguised as decoration in the Prestyl USA Radiant Artwork panel, a heat source that plugs into a standard electrical outlet and moves easily from room to room. Photo: Prestyl USA.

    Heating panels customized with thin-film graphics

    Radiant Artwork heating panels can be customized with thin-film graphics that bring form and function together.

  • Foam mattress system protects horses

    SuperStall®, a one-piece, customizable foam mattress system, keeps horses protected and comfortable.

  • Temporary wall system

    Free standing, grid independent and demountable, the temporary wall system is engineered to resemble permanent walls.

  • Vinyl alternative for decals and mounting

    Roland DGA Corp. has expanded its Eco-SOL MAX certified media line to include Solvent Glossy Paper with Adhesive (ESM-SGPA).

  • Earth anchor for faster installation

    New earth anchor offers a chiseled design for faster installation through tougher soils.

  • Decorative hardware

    Finestra® Decorative Hardware has introduced Aria™, a new line of fashionable metal hardware for contemporary style.

  • Printable canvas

    Fisher Textiles has added GF 901 Glossy Canvas to its line of grand-format fabrics for latex, solvent and UV printing.

  • Window and wall graphics

    The DPF-6700 Cast Wall Wrap material from Arlon Graphics is a 2-mil cast highly comformable film with aggressive permanent adhesive.

  • Optimized industrial cutting

    GERBERcutter 27 can precision-cut complex designs in almost any type and thickness of material, including foams, technical textiles, Kevlar®, vinyl, woven and nonwoven materials.

  • Luxurious, livable fabrics

    An extensive array of sumptuous wovens and hand-screened prints create fashionable, livable interiors.

  • Hand therapy gel

    Made by Hand therapy gel from Mary Ellen Products eases sore muscles, nicks and scratches for people working with fabric.

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  • Marketing ‘green’ claims

    Although it’s great that you’re using recycled material, you’re right to be cautious about how you divulge that information to your customers.

  • UBL fabric

    We’re guessing that it’s probably referring to an “unbroken loop” fabric, which is a part of a hook-and-loop fastening system.

  • Classifying the flammability of textiles

    Using Classes A thru C is how the IBC classifies the flammability of textiles in some applications.

  • Asphalt tarp material

    We’ve seen several types of materials being used for this application.

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