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Benefits of running a sustainable business

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Besides addressing responsibility to the environment, there are additional benefits for the end product manufacturer that makes a commitment to operate more sustainably.

Enhanced brand awareness and competitive advantage: 87 percent of respondents in a Brand Innovation for the New Consumer report said they are more likely to buy from companies that commit to environmentally friendly practices.

Increased productivity and reduced costs: Conservation of resources results in streamlined operations.

Improved financial and investment opportunity: A Goldman Sachs study reveals that 72 percent of companies with environmental social and governance policies have outperformed their peers since 2005.

Minimized carbon risk: It is estimated that companies will be required to cut 25 percent of carbon emissions by 2020 and 50-80 percent by 2050.

Employee retention and recruitment: An Adecco survey found that 52 percent of employed adults feel their companies should do more about the environment. Employees want to work for companies who are “doing the right thing.”

Janice Kleinschmidt is a freelance writer and editor in Palm Springs, Calif.

Source: Sustainability consultants, eco-officiency™

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