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Choosing the right sewing machine

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Find just the solution for challenging, heavy-duty projects.

How can I…Sew large, bulky articles with a standard sewing machine?
Here’s how: The Highlead GC24698-25R, an extra-high post bed, 25-inch long-arm walking foot machine handles large and bulky articles that are too difficult to manage on a standard machine.
Especially for: Automotive dashboards, side panels and similar applications.

Friedlander Sewing Machine Co. Inc.

How can I…Save energy and get the power I need in my machine?
Here’s how: A CS1000 / CS2000 Con-Serv 3/4 HP brushless Servo Motor offers high-torque, easy-to-adjust speed and motor direction, belt guard, pulley and mounting hardware—and it’s lightweight, quiet and energy efficient.
Especially for: Powering heavy-duty machines.


How can I…Improve the stitching of heavy-weight fabrics with heavy thread tension?
Here’s how: The AMS-210EN-HL1306/7300 sewing machine with a unique active tension mechanism and a slide-type takeup system increases the maximum tension by 50 percent, compared to standard models, for improved overall seam quality and sewing performance.
Especially for: Sewing seat belts, container belts and bags.

Juki America Inc.

Jill C. Lafferty is editor of InTents magazine, a publication of the Industrial Fabrics Association International.

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