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Expert tips for top fabric exhibits

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“Simple, bold and dynamic works the best. Even if you have a small booth, you can go into a large show and have significant stopping power with a bold, dynamic 10-foot mural.”
Geoff Kilmer
Photoworks Creative Group

“For stopping power, graphics are the first thing that someone sees, and lighting comes into play. Booth design is huge, but also booth staffing and preshow promotions. A lot of things come into play.”
Sofia Troutman
Skyline Exhibits

“I think using fabrics with different textures and weights can add a lot of interest to an exhibit, [such as] mixing sheers with opaque fabrics. Also, adding dynamic lighting projection to fabric can add excitement.”
Jana McQuilkin
Moss Inc.

“The thing that’s always been a key player is technology. I’m seeing a lot more audio/video technology-based booths because the cost has gotten so much cheaper. Video walls, LED screens, it’s integrated into carpet, into fabric and aluminum structures. Technology is something most people gravitate to.”
Don Keller
Blue Sky Exhibits LLC

Lynn Keillor is a freelance writer based in Minneapolis, Minn.

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