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Fabric vs. pixels

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Although market research predicts sustained growth for digital printing on textiles, the use of digital signage in retail settings represents a legitimate competitor. To date, however, implementation of digital signage has been slow and projections of its use overly optimistic.

According to a report published this year by the Platt Retail Institute (“Challenges Facing Retail Adoption of Digital Signage”), cost is not the only impediment. The authors cite other factors: general lack of strategy; failure to assign management responsibilities; limited integration with internet, catalog and other marketing platforms; lack of content planning; and a need for new ad metrics.

In truth, such concerns are equally fitting for fabric-product manufacturers and their own retail clients. “Customer-facing technologies will continue to evolve and impact the retail customer shopping experience. To execute these platforms successfully requires a lot of planning and coordination at many levels.”

John Gehner is a freelance writer and editor based in Urbana, Ill.

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