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Fungi-fighting yoga mats and heat-seeking swampstools

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The classic yoga warrior pose combines grace and strength, and a new product developed by Sommers Plastics showcases those same attributes. Sommers Plastic Products Company Inc., Clifton, N.J., manufactures specialty polyurethanes, lenticulars, holographics, fake furs and faux leathers; its newest launch is a patent-pending antimicrobial EVA foam used in yoga mats. Equifit SpaCare, New York, N.Y., the exclusive North American distributor of the AgSilver™ CleanMat, touts the natural properties of silver ions to prevent bacteria, fungi and virus growth in the mats, which are also PVC and latex free. These unique antimicrobial yoga mats could help spas and gyms ensure a clean workout in more ways than one. Visit for more information.

Sommers also manufactures thermochromatic liquid crystal color-changing polyurethanes, which respond to warmth by changing color. Visual Reference Studio, Jackson, Miss., takes the material and mood-ring mania to a whole new level with Swampstools, organic-looking seats that, once vacated, leave a colorful impression behind (or a colorful behind impression). Designers Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne also introduced Touch Wall Panels for those seeking full-body contact with a heat-sensing surface. It’s all in the name of arty good fun; see these and other examples at

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