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Infinite possibilities

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Seeking sun protection for his patio, Dr. Alan Shargani could not find a solution that was reasonably priced or didn’t take several weeks to make. He ended up designing his own and created Infinity Canopy Inc., a versatile and customizable shade system that is simple to install, affordable and eliminates production time. A chiropractor and cofounder of a skin care product company by trade, Shargani is now offering Infinity Canopy dealerships to awning manufacturers and customers.

Unlike custom-made canopies that require pre-measurements, CAD design and weeks of labor, and cannot be altered once made, Infinity Canopy is prefabricated, modular and can be changed after installation. The patent-pending system of special cables, slide-on clips and aluminum rails that attach to prefabricated 5-by-2-foot shade panels is easy to install and able to adapt to any space and location.

Customers can purchase the product and install it the same day, eliminating the need for pre-measuring and custom fabrication. The only variable for them is the fabric and color choice, notes Shargani.

The panels are made with outdoor canvas and mesh such as Sunbrella®, Phifertex® and Serge Ferrari fabrics. The shade panels can be bellowed or pulled tight, added to, or interchanged with different color panels to create a variety of designs. Customers can change the panels within minutes to match new furniture or for special events and holidays.

“Infinity Canopy is about modular design and the flexibility, adaptability and infinite options it provides to the customers,” says Shargani. “This is a solution for awning manufacturers who want to offer a quality product, lower their overhead and increase their sales. They might get a call from someone who wants to beautify their back yard or businesses, restaurants and hotels who want to cover a large area for a special event and need a quick solution,” he says. “If they have the product on hand, they can even sell and install it on the same visit.”

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