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Lighting the way

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When it comes to dressing an otherwise plain, warehouse-like space, it’s important to incorporate fabric graphics that add height, color, branding and create ambience. Just ask Fabric Images. In October 2012, Fabric Images created a display for New Holland at EIMA that was designed by Francesco Mansueto and consisted of a series of glowing arches and large graphics in an oversized space.

Consisting of four 21-foot tall arches and a graphic 60-feet in length, Fabric Images’ design solution utilized fabric architecture and allowed for a cost-sensitive solution that held up to the integrity of the brand. “The arches, averaging 21 feet in height, were built with minimal internal support to minimize the visibility of the structure when lit,” says Pocewicz. “To meet the brand’s color requirements, all graphics and solid colors were printed using a dye sublimation process.”

A major consideration was the internal lighting. By using a fabric with a slight transparency, the light was allowed to shine through while the color stayed true. The end result? A memorable visual experience for attendees that also enhanced the New Holland brand.

Maura Keller is a Minneapolis-based writer and editor.

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