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As with any other piece of garment, style and quality are key. We decided to design and manufacture all our products in the USA and Italy by leveraging exclusively the highest-quality artisanship and materials available.
— Davide Vigano, Heapsylon

For most markets, style is going to be very important. That garment has to meet all the aspects of that type of garment—and that includes the style aspect.
— Tom Martin, Virginia Tech

For many consumers, how it looks and feels is more important than the technology. To have a successful product, you need to get both the style and technology right.
— Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Hexoskin

Style is important in all clothing. However, “style” is difficult to define and contextually specify.
— Lucy Dunne, University of Minnesota

Wearable tech should learn about and better integrate fashion into its products—and vice versa. While the technology offered can be mighty impressive, the clothing—the garment itself—needs to make the consumer want to wear it. Why make wearables nobody actually wants to wear?
— Stéphane Marceau, OMsignal

If the product is brought under the umbrella of medical applications, style would be tertiary.
— Thamizhisai Periyaswamy, Central Michigan University

Design and aesthetics are very important and starting to be addressed in manufacturing and in education. There is a slow bridging of the technical and aesthetic. These are exciting times!
— Marie O’Mahony, Ontario College of Art
and Design (OCAD) University

Style is always important, period.
— Mark Mordecai, Globe Manufacturing Co.

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