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Printer technology advantage

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Global Imaging’s new re-purposed printer—the Evo33 introduced July 2012—helped Minneapolis-based Pictura Graphics secure some long-run projects that needed short-term turnaround. “The Evo33 device, an SGP printer, is well-aligned with our sustainability initiatives,” says Paul Lilienthal, president of Pictura.

“The fact that the machine is built upon a re-purposed chassis vs. new was a strong selling point both in terms of cost and Pictura’s alignment with ‘like-minded’ partners. The ink set on the Evo33 is water based vs. our previous device that utilized solvent-based inks, which supported our initiatives to reduce VOCs and solvent-based ink usage. The Evo33 has really strengthened our fabric production from many aspects: enhanced print quality, improved production capacity and efficiency, cost-benefits, and more environmentally friendly production.”

Holly O’Dell is a freelance writer from Pine City, Minn.

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