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Textiles of tomorrow

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Design firms like Creation Baumann of Zurich, Switzerland, take the lead in using textiles to transform interiors, whether as opulent eye-catchers or quiet, understated backdrops. Its new Efalda opens out like a fan, thanks to ingenious fold technology that changes a curtain’s color via the viewing angle. The company’s panel curtains adjust to ambient light and add structure to a room. Baumann’s new GECKO adhesive textiles stick right on smooth glass surfaces, eliminating the need for tailoring or a hanging system. And they’re easy to remove without leaving residue when the time comes to make a change.

Known for its flexible light control, Creation Baumann maintains market share with Dimmer, its best-seller over the past ten years. This soft, flowing curtain fabric “revolutionizes the world of black-out fabrics by its unique ability to control and
direct incoming light to darken it. The new, extra-wide 300 centimeter version is ideal for large expanses of glass and is available in 17 colors.” In a newer design, Dimmer Sky, tiny, laser-cut perforations create individual dots of light on a dark backdrop, meant to resemble stars in a midnight sky.

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