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What’s next on the aerospace horizon

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What’s next on the aerospace horizon? Two of our industry experts weigh in:

“The resurgence of lighter-than-air vehicles will continue, with an eventual realization of the holy grail: high altitude airships. Airships that can operate in the stratosphere will provide satellite capability at a fraction of the cost. We are currently working on the DARPA ISIS [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Integrated Sensor Is the Structure] program to create an airship like this. It is very challenging, but technology is advancing at a rate which may soon make this a reality.”
Dave Cadogan
ILC Dover

“I feel that the coming years will see hotels and research facilities in low-earth orbit. It won’t be long until private firms launch facilities into orbit for commercial gain. These companies will promote the facility as laboratory space and a getaway location, albeit the rich and famous will get to travel to these locations first. … Prospecting on the moon and other near-earth objects will give companies the opportunity to develop these sites. It will only happen, though, if there is a solid return on investment potential.”
Brent Anderson
Aerospace Fabrication & Materials LLC

Jill C. Lafferty is editor of InTents magazine.

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