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Awnings help re-brand historical Chicago landmark

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The company. In 2008, Chesterfield Awning Co. will mark its 50th anniversary of servicing customers in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs with two locations in Chicago and in the southern suburbs.

The task. A company involved in re-branding the Marshall Field’s State Street store to reflect Macy’s, the new owner of the building, hired Chesterfield Awning to create historically authentic exterior awnings. The building is a historical landmark in Chicago, and Macy’s wanted it to be a smooth transition. Its goal was to maintain the original character and design but improve function and durability.

The challenge. Configuring and delivering new awnings in a time frame dictated by Macy’s for its grand opening and rebranding of the State Street store was the first challenge. Using today’s best fabrics and graphic applications to match the original 1930s application required the removal of 38 existing very old retractable awnings. In order to install the new equipment, Chesterfield’s team had to drill and anchor the structures into the existing original historic metal steel facade. The team used fabric that it believed had not been used on this type of roller awnings before. Finally, a precarious sign permit process in Chicago, with a customer who wanted to do everything by the book to avoid any negative press, meant that paying attention to the details was critical to success.

The solution. In order to deliver the authentic look Macy’s required, Chesterfield replaced the old outrigger arm awnings and three marquee valances with custom cast-brass hinges, powder-coated elbows, and galvanized pipe. The awnings were printed on Weathertyte fabric from the Cooley Group and powered by a 6-80R2 Com Somfy Motor. The trademark Macy’s logo was reproduced using raised computer cut half-inch aluminum letters attached to the marquee valances giving it a dimensional view. Nazdar industrial line PX adhesive ink for signage on the roller awnings kept everything in place.

The result. The delivery and installation went out on time and on schedule. The material performed beautifully, and Chesterfield received nothing but good feedback. Most importantly, the customer was very happy. Visit Macy’s the next time you are in Chicago. Chesterfield’s awnings will protect you in the Windy City.

Lou Dzierzak is the editor of Fabric Graphics.

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