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Shepherd Color Co. introduces new pigments

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The Shepherd Color Co. introduces two new colors into the PRECISE™ product line of durable pigments designed for coloring fibers and films. CI pigment Green 26, a seafoam-green color, and CI pigment Blue 28, a cobalt-blue color, are 100 percent high-performance, inorganic pigments. They are durable, have high-temperature stability,are chemically inert, insoluble and resistant to bleeding and migration, as well as being lightfast and weathering well. Compared with standard pigments, they have exceptionally low extruder pressure buildup.

Precise pigments are appropriate for outdoor applications, including use in awnings, tents, carpeting, and furniture textiles. Uses for outdoor opaque thin films include profiles, windows, doors, siding, marine docks and agricultural films. Both new pigments are part of the Arctic® range and can be used to minimize heat buildup and reduce overall energy costs.

SOURCE The Shepherd Color Co.

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