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Biodegradable PCMs stay cool in the heat

Advanced Textiles, Industry News | May 1, 2009 | By:

When phase-change materials (PCM) go from solid to liquid, or liquid to gas, they retain or release energy. When the heat is on, certain PCMs remain cool. And products made with PCMs formulated from animal and vegetable sources can be as varied, cool and “green” as a farmer’s market in June.

Glacier Tek Inc., West Melbourne, Fla., patented Renewable Phase Change Material or RPCM®, used in its Cool Vest™ product line for industry, military, law enforcement, fire fighting and hot outdoor environments. Cool Vests come in four styles, including one in heavy-duty fire retardant Banox™ FR-3, that maintain a cool 59 degrees (F) temperature for up to two-and-a-half hours—and weigh less than five pounds. The company also manufactures Chilly Dog™ vests for working dogs. Find out what else is cool at

The company is now using another PCM, Pure Temp™, an engineered vegetable oil derivative that Entropy Solutions Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., claims is the only 100-percent renewable and biodegradable cooling PCM. Available in liquid and encapsulated forms, Pure Temp has applications in shipping, construction, textiles, health care and energy generation, where temperature control is a must. Information about the newly introduced Pure Temp material is available at

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