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Fiberweb Inc. offers assortment of fabrics and covers

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Typar®, a geotextile fabric that cuts construction and maintenance costs, is used in unpaved and paved roads, parking lots, industrial yards, subsurface drains, erosion control, landfills, recreation facilities and waste handling systems.

Biobarrier® root control fabric offers guaranteed protection against root damage to landscapes and hardscapes, but costs only pennies per square foot per month. The prevention of root damage reduces maintenance costs and eliminates liability issues by inhibiting tree, shrub and weed root growth into irrigation systems, sidewalks and parking lots, green roofs, landscaped areas, building foundations, levees, tennis courts and golf courses.

Reemay® row crop covers protect plants and seedlings from cold, wind, sunlight and insects. The covers provide 4-7 degrees F frost protection by trapping ground heat and acting as a windbreaker to help prevent foliage dehydration. Sunlight passes through the lightweight fabric, warming the soil. Moisture is also held in, making the environment under the cover similar to a greenhouse, which results in rapid germination and increased growth rates.

Agryl nonwoven floating row covers, which are ultralight and without thermal effect, were especially developed for crop protection against insects and bad weather. Acting like a physical barrier, it keeps crops free of insects until harvest and is a naturally friendly protection against pests.

Fiberweb will also exhibit PET Bico, a fabric comprised of a 50-50 blend of polymers with a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) core and polyethylene sheath; PLA Bico, a renewable fabric that is made of PLA (corn-based resin) and polypropylene (PP) in various percentages; Sofspan, or extensibles, nonwoven fabrics with double the elongation properties; apertured fabrics that are nonwoven with apertures that open upon ring rolling or some other activation method; and PP-coated Typar for use as a vapor barrier.

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