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Hoods provide skin protection

Advanced Textiles, Industry News | July 1, 2009 | By:

Heat stress or heat stroke can cause faintness or confusion, which can be lethal to firefighters engaged in a critical incident. American manufacturers of protective hoods such as Fire-Dex, Lifeliners/Stanfield’s, Majestic and PGI are moving to Lenzing FR®, a fire-resistant fiber with skin-friendly softness and moisture management.

Lenzing Group, Lenzing, Austria, manufactures the colorfast and durable specialty viscose, manmade from cellulose fibers. Lenzing FR protects skin from fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, liquid metals and flammable liquids. With the U.S. hood market moving toward Lenzing FR, the company is now marketing strongly to European and Asia/Pacific manufacturers. For more about Lenzing FR, see

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