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Miller Weldmaster presents new sealers and seamers

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Miller Weldmaster presents its Extreme Seam® line of heat sealers. The T-300 Extreme combines versatility and acutely controlled operating parameters with an ergonomic design and interface for easy operation, speed, accuracy and productivity. Available in four different prepackaged bundles: the T-300 Extreme Edge for finishing banners and signs, the T-300 Extreme Shade for awning and marine cover applications, the T-300 Extreme Curve for inflatable and curved products and the T-300 Extreme Flex for tents and tarpaulins.

The 112 Extreme is an advanced upgrade to the 112 Cross Seamer that improves on its production capabilities and operator ease of use. With precision-controlled welding parameters, easy recall settings and an ergonomic design, the 112 Extreme is built for extreme production and efficiency.

The Impulse Extreme incorporates an effective thermo impulse sealing technology. Combining an ergonomic design with ease of use and efficiency, its precision-controlled welding parameters create the best-looking and strongest seams possible.

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