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Software offers tools specific for design and manufacture of tensile structures

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IFAI Expo 2010 Booth: 207

MPanel Software is a 3-D design and 2-D production application with tools specific for the design and manufacturing of tensile structures. Create, refine and tweak a 3-D CAD model that simulates a fabric membrane over or attached to a rigid framework, fixed points or cables. Different amounts of tension can then be applied to both the fabric and any cables to study what happens to the overall shape and fit. The model can then be rendered to provide the end client with a realistic view of the finished structure before any construction takes place. Extract from that 3-D model the 2-D panels that are needed to produce the design. MPanel also provides all of the production tools, like material compensation, seam or weld allowances and panel ordering and annotations. An optional nesting feature is available, which takes any number of 2-D panels and automatically arranges them to be cut out by a large format cutting system. MPanel software is available for both the AutoCAD® and Rhino3D CAD platforms.

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