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Xennia launches metallic decorative ink for packaging and graphics

Graphics, Products | November 5, 2010 | By:

Xennia has announced the launch of its XenInx Onyx metallic ink for use in a wide range of digital decoration applications. Just-in-time customized digital graphics and package production allows reduced inventories and fast response to market demands; now these benefits are available to users requiring metallic printing. XenInx Onyx metallic silver ink is designed for a range of applications including packaging, graphics, labeling and product decoration, and can be used in combination with XenInx Diamond or XenInx Alexandrite CMYK inks to produce a colored metallic appearance. The ink works with a wide range of piezo printheads, and is recommended for use with Xennia printing systems and XenJet inkjet modules using Xennia’s proprietary recirculating inkjet technology.

XenInx Onyx metallic ink is part of a range of products offered by Xennia allowing cost effective, low-risk digital solutions to be introduced into the packaging industry. Package printers can keep producing attractive and creative packaging while addressing the need for customized, personalized printing for customers.

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