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Gerber Technology launches GERBERcutter Z1 automated cutting system

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Gerber Technology has introduced the GERBERcutter® Z1, the company’s next generation computer-controlled, single-ply cutting system designed to cut a wide range of challenging materials. At the heart of the new system is state-of-the-art Axis™ software, a Windows®-based system that is easy to use and delivers significant productivity enhancements. These include comprehensive reports that help users analyze total cut time, idle time, jobs completed, material utilization and more; a job queuing function that enables simultaneous loading of all jobs to be cut during an entire shift or day’s work; and job recovery functionality that initiates cutting at the precise point the job was interrupted.

The GERBERcutter Z1 is built upon a new distributed control system, the foundation upon which many powerful options like inkjet-printed part identification can be added. By distributing the intelligence away from the main controller, the system is more modular and flexible, installation is simplified, processing power is significantly improved and system uptime is maximized.

With GERBERconnect software resident on a customer’s cutting system, Gerber Service personnel are able to diagnose systems remotely when necessary, and, for matters that require a Gerber technician to be on site, issues can be resolved swiftly because the technician has the information needed to thoroughly troubleshoot the issue beforehand. Because customers experience higher system uptime, satisfaction improves.

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