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Textile window strip prevents mold on wet/steamed up windows

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It will soon be that time of year again: winter is coming and the windows start to steam up. Just one hot shower or a soup bubbling on the stove can make enough condensation for it to run down the cold window panes and gather where they meet the window frame, where mold and fungus find ideal growing conditions. This can ultimately lead to health problems.

As part of a joint ZIM project (KF 2136702KI8) by the Hohenstein Institute and Gebrüder Jaeger GmbH in Wuppertal, a new window strip has been developed which absorbs condensation and stores it inside the textile band. The window strip also contains an integrated antifungal ingredient to prevent the formation of mold. The window strip is stuck on to the window frame on the inside, where it can absorb large quantities of the condensation as it runs down, and at the same time act to prevent mold.

This synergetic effect is achieved by the use of two components: a special, washproof and UV-resistant antifungal treatment acts reliably to combat indoor mold. In addition, the window strip consists of several layers of fleece designed to transport the water inside the strip, where it is stored in a super-absorbent layer. Scientists secured prototype versions of the window strip to a special climate-controlled window and tested the formation of condensation and mold in reproducible, real-life conditions.

Over a period of four weeks, the window strips were exposed to different climatic conditions.Tests showed that the window strip prevented the growth of mold on the window frame for a considerable period. The antifungal effect also reduced the amount of mold in living areas and lowered the health risk, for example from allergic reactions. The product will be available to consumers in 2012.

Source: Hohenstein Institute

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