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MarChem CFI expands coating, laminating

Industry News | January 1, 2012 | By:

Specialty laminating and coating technologies have enhanced the capabilities of MarChem CFI, New Haven, Mo., to improve its services to customers. The company added an advanced coating line that allows applications of water resistant, flame retardant or other surface treatments to a wider range of fabrics and web-based products. The machinery allows MarChem to coat textile widths of up to two meters with greater sustainability, durability and flexibility. The company has also added a second laminating line to provide capability for multiple layers of material to be combined without being in a web form. The improved processes can be used for clothing, bedding, plastics, shoes, roofing materials, shades and hospital curtains, among other products. By adding the new lines, MarChem has increased its overall capacity by 50 percent.

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