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Partnership expands performance sock line

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Outlast Technologies is continuing its partnership with Wigwam to expand its performance sock line with Outlast® technology. The latest snow styles include the Outlast® Snow Carnival, Outlast® Snow Blur and Kids Outlast® Snow Hyper. Socks with Outlast® technology interact with the microclimate next to feet to buffer changes in temperature and humidity.

“Wigwam focuses on creating an experience for consumers when they wear our socks, which we’re able to achieve with the proactive temperature regulating solution Outlast provides,” said Robert Chesebro, CEO at Wigwam Mills Inc.

As a proactive moisture management solution, Outlast® products continually absorb excess body heat and release it to maintain constant body temperature. The environment around the foot ends up staying drier for a “just right” feel. This differentiates from passive technologies, such as wicking or quick-drying, which provide benefits after the body has started to sweat.

“Constant movement within a shoe leads to extra heat and moisture build up, which can cause blistering and odor,” said Heather Manuel, Outlast North America sales and marketing director. “By incorporating Outlast® technology into Wigwam’s socks, we’re able to control moisture before it begins for increased comfort.”

Wigwam has been manufacturing performance socks in the United States for 107 years.

Outlast Technologies Inc. produces phase change materials and applications. Outlast® technology is the heat management technology originally developed for NASA that enables any textile to absorb, store and release heat. For over 20 years, Outlast has developed new fibers, fabrics and coatings incorporating phase change materials for products in apparel, footwear, bedding, packaging and labels and accessories.

Source: Outlast Technologies

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