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Customizing a classic chair

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[Kipe’s Upholstery] Hagerstown, Md.

Updating a well-built, quality piece of classic furniture proved to be an ideal focal point for Kipe’s Upholstery at a local home show. The chair, purchased at a used furniture store for $50, took on a contemporary, custom look created by a striking black and white sunburst pattern. The black and white fabrics were cut so that the angles of the sunburst line up across the back, wing, arm and existing feather cushion. The pieces of fabric were sewn together onto Dacron and muslin to give the back and cushion a quilted look. A black rope cording was used in place of welt cord. This chair caught the attention of many people at the show and brought new customers into their shop.

IAA 2011 Award of Excellence

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