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New “Eco” Tesco store features sculptural Skylar Canopies from Fabric Architecture Ltd.

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As part of a regeneration of the South Bank area, a new Tesco Extra store has just opened. Designed and built using sustainable methods and materials, and utilizing a range of techniques that reduce the supermarket’s carbon footprint by up to 50 percent (compared to a store built three years ago), the new store is setting new eco standards.

As part of the scheme, architectural practice Humphrey + Potter designed a unique covered public seating area outside of the store with integrated planters. The highlight of the area is a series of three Signature Structure Skylar Canopies by Fabric Architecture Ltd. Staying true to the eco theme, the Skylar canopies were designed, manufactured and installed using a fabric that Fabric Architecture helped pioneer called Silicone Glass Weave (SGW). This fabric is 100 percent recyclable and lasts 30+ years. In addition to the eco fabric, the canopies were each integrated with LED lighting.

The Skylars installed were 3, 4 and 5 meters, and excellent for signage and wayfinding. They are fun, functional, and with SGW and LEDs—they are also environmentally friendly. Plants in the planters are attracting bees and butterflies, while the Skylar canopies (offering shade) are attracting shoppers from around the center, offering them a relaxing place to rest, meet and greet. This type of eco communal space is something we are hoping other commercial areas will begin to implement.

Source: Fabric Architecture Ltd.

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