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Poole Co. introduces Ecosure® recycled fiber Full-Circle program

Industry News | November 6, 2012 | By:

Poole Co., Greeneville, S.C., a leading manufacturer and distributor of textile fibers and specialist in virgin polyester fibers, recycled fibers, heavy denier and nonwovens fibers, announced today that it has launched a new Full-Circle program for its EcoSure® 100 percent PCR PET recycled fiber. With the EcoSure Full-Circle program, Poole will accept and recycle any item manufactured with 100 percent EcoSure fiber, repurposing the material again and extending its intended lifecycle.

David Poole, Poole Co. CEO, commented, “The remarkable part about Poole’s EcoSure Full-Circle Program is that we are able to take a recycled fiber product—such as apparel, linens, or household wipes—and recycle it again. This means we have not only diverted material from a landfill once—but twice. Many plastic bottles face ‘end of life’ as soon as they become empty. Poole Company is able to change the course and add new life, twice or more, into something already classified as ‘dead.’”

Poole Co. developed EcoSure, a staple fiber made from 100 percent PCR PET flake, as an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin fiber. EcoSure is produced using 100 percent post-consumer recycled PET content as certified under the SCS Recycled Content Certification Program. Studies from NAPCOR determined that the use of PCR polyester fiber versus virgin polyester fiber reduces energy consumption by 84 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 71 percent.

The EcoSure Full-Circle Program is a very flexible program for textile distributors and manufacturers and has no revenue-driven strings attached. Its sole purpose is to further extend the intended lifeline of a product and better benefit the environment. Environmental benefits’ estimates for recycling 100 percent EcoSure products include saving 25,000 BTUs per pound and reducing greenhouse gas (~13,000 pounds is equivalent to removing a vehicle from the highways).

Source: Poole Co.

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