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Heat reflection, glare control, design flexibility

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E Screen and T Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology are high-performance window shade fabrics, designed for architects, designers and building engineers looking for leading-edge products that contribute to higher-performing, lower-emitting and overall healthier buildings. Both fabrics are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and offered with 10-year interior and 5-year exterior warranty.

Designed in coordinating front and back colors, E Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology incorporates reflective properties into dark-color screen fabrics, providing excellent contrast and sharp view-through, color-coordinated exterior building design, comfortable work environments and reduced cooling costs. It can be used on east- and west-facing windows with E Screen Original on the north and south for even greater energy savings.

T Screen with KOOLBLACK Technology is a dual-colored solar protection fabric that offers all the performance benefits of both light and dark fabrics, with significant advantages in heat blockage and glare control. Patented technology enhances the dark side’s energy reflectivity by increasing its near-infrared while “super powering” the white side. An affordable alternative with great design flexibility, T Screen has no bright silver backing, offering designers the ability to have either side face outward.

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