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Strength in diversity

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Advantage MVP 18 Ripstop, the signature 18-ounce coated formula from Value Vinyls, is equipped to handle adverse weather conditions and withstand great physical stress. Constructed with a double reinforced “ripstop” thread to increase tear strength, the fabric is well suited to industrial applications, especially truck tarps. With a soft hand and aesthetic smooth matte finish, the durable fabric remains extremely flexible in cold weather. Includes UV and anti-mildew treatments.

Crosscourt 12 is engineered to act as a full-block windscreen material for tennis court fences. The 12-oz. laminated product features a heavy-duty construction to withstand outdoor elements. Treated to resist mildew and UV rays, the product is strong yet pliable, making it easier to handle but resistant to tearing. Available in eight popular colors and three widths.

Dojo 22 Smooth and Dojo 22 Tatami are engineered primarily for judo mats built for excessive durability and wear. Dojo 22 Smooth offers a wrestling surface that helps to eliminate mat burns. Dojo 22 Tatami offers a surface for quick movements and sure footing. With antimicrobial treatments, both are designed with a 100-percent coated face open scrim backside, so welding or gluing to foam is easy. Both have lead levels well below 100 ppm, guaranteeing safety for kids.

SureSeal Extreme 45 is a low friction fabric that will increase the overall performance of any dock seal or shelter. With UV and anti-mildew protection, the product features extreme abrasion resistance and a heavy-duty full panama base fabric for increase puncture resistance and added strength. Meets the highest standards for coating adhesion and overall tear strength.

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