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2014 Specialty Fabrics Showcase: Part 2

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The key word for fabric choices (and the products made from them) these days is performance: fabrics that resist weather of all types; fabrics that enhance; fabrics that protect as well as beautify; fabrics that fight infection; fabrics that generate power; fabrics that are made of recycled materials and can be recycled again; fabrics that last.

We’ve included fabrics that emphasize appearance and hand, and that resist the effects of water and UV degradation; fabrics that offer high-impact printability—and even materials that are biocompatible and temperature-activated.

Part I of the Specialty Fabrics Showcase was included in the April 2014 issue. In both issues, contact information for the fabric supplier is included.

View the products in each category below:

Appearance & Hand

Water repellent

Visible advantages

Exceptional printability

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