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Light-filled balloons: replacing the moon?

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Pierre Chabert, French inventor and co-founder of Airstar, Le Champ-Pres-Froges, France, had a break-out year in 1996, when his spherically shaped lighting balloons floated 150 feet in high winds over the nighttime shots of James Cameron’s mammoth hit film, “Titanic.” The rest is history: Airstar now is represented by more than 120 distributors and 13 subsidiaries in more than 40 countries. At a recent event, the ONFI (Government Initiative for French Industry) presented Airstar light-filled balloons as an example of “the great voyage of the third industrial revolution.”

The Airstar balloons shed 360 degrees of high-wattage, shadow-free light without glare and can be suspended safely in locations no other lighting can reach. The balloons come in a variety of sizes and are equipped with a halogen or HMI lighting system and inflated with either air or helium (or in rigid forms for ground lighting applications), offering lighting solutions for filming, special events, public works, emergency response or other situations where bright multi-directional light sources are needed for visual impact or safety. Airstar also develops electric airships (helium or hot-air) that are non-polluting, quiet and easy to handle for aerial photography, scientific missions or communication.

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