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Explosion-proof UV fluorescent light fixture from Larson Electronics

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Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 160-watt Class 1 & 2 fluorescent ultraviolet light fixture that is used to cure coatings and adhesives or as a germicidal agent. The EPL-48-4L-UV uses a special ballast and bulb to produce an ultraviolet light.

The EPL-48-4L-UV fixture from Larson Electronics is a four-foot, four-lamp explosion-proof fluorescent light fixture that emits light in the ultraviolet spectrum. Made to customer specifications, it can be configured to produce UVA, UVB, or UVC light that is typically used for curing coatings or adhesives, pest management, and germicidal applications. UV-A light is used for paint curing, resin curing, and non-destructive inspections. UV-B light is typically used in medical applications, such as sterilizing surgical equipment, and UV-C light is typically used in germicidal applications, such as disinfection of surfaces and water purification. This fixture is a quicker and more efficient alternative to the traditional solvent and water drying thermal curing process.

The UV curing process is much quicker than the alternative method and is more abrasion resistant, has no loss of coating thickness, and produces less environmental pollutants. The quick curing UV lights eliminate the chances of dust and pollutants entering the coated surface, which increases the overall production speed of the curing process.

The four UV lamps are protected by heat- and impact-resistant Pyrex tubes, and the fixture is constructed of copper-free aluminum alloy. Lamp reflectors are corrosion-resistant heavy gauge aluminum coated with a high-gloss reflective finish. This fixture can operate on voltages ranging from 120V-277V and is U.L. approved for use in paint spray booths and wet locations.


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