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New inventory management solution released

Products | June 9, 2014 | By:

MaxUp Advantage is an inventory management solution to help companies avoid the expensive spot buys and expediting charges that result from storing inoperative spare parts. A specialized system for identifying and managing critical spare parts and machinery, MaxUp Advantage is designed to fill gaps in most enterprise resource planning, computerized maintenance, and spare parts management systems.

Unique features provide:

  • Appropriate replenishment level algorithms specifically designed for spare parts inventory.
  • Criticality levels of parts to determine what needs to be stocked.
  • Association of parts to equipment and identification of machine criticality levels.
  • Probability of part failure to proactively schedule predictive maintenance.
  • Specialized spare parts suppliers, many of which provide original equipment manufacturer equivalent parts.
  • The ability to upload existing inventory to identify potentially critical parts, excess and insufficient stock levels.
  • Better management controls for repair and warranty parts.


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