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A new generation of PU-coated fabrics

Markets | July 28, 2014 | By:

Waterborne PU technology from Bayer MaterialScience replaces solvent-based processes.

Bayer MaterialScience announced the launch of INSQIN™, a waterborne polyurethane (PU) technology that allows PU-coated fabrics to be manufactured without solvent while reducing water consumption by up to 95 percent and energy consumption by up to 50 percent in the coating process.

Available for a wide range of applications, including functional fabrics and high-performance printing, INSQIN plays a significant role in the production of PU leather. Growing demand for the product is heavily straining ecosystems and exposing more workers to the pollution risks of solvent-based processes.

Bayer is also developing the INSQIN Partner Manufacturer Program, a quality assurance process in which Bayer helps manufacturers improve sustainable practices. Manufacturers will be audited in terms of consistency and high standards in the application of waterborne PU technology, allowing brand owners to source newly developed materials using an INSQIN partner list with high efficiency and better transparency in the value chain.

SOURCE: Bayer MaterialScience

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