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Scaly mammals and motorcycle protection

Projects | September 1, 2014 | By:

A motorcycle racer and a tropical pangolin (scaly anteater) would not seem to have much in common—until now. At the Dainese D-Store in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, U.K., riders can purchase the protective gear manufacturer’s latest design in back protection, named the Manis (the scientific name for the pangolin family) because its overlapping plate-like scales form a flexible protective shell similar to the pangolin’s.

Thanks to its overlapping scales and flexible joints, the Manis allows the rider unprecedented freedom of movement. The back protector can elongate and flex laterally to cushion the full spine length and can twist to follow all chest movements without compromising its main purpose. Scales are fastened to a separate layer of padding and are joined to each other by a central pivot that lets them slide as needed.

Lateral flexible silicone joints provide control as well as flexibility and resistance. The padding consists of three different materials, including Crash Absorb® for excellent shock-absorbing properties and a comfort layer of expanded polyethylene. Perforations in the Manis allow dissipation in body heat which, along with the bendable and flexible design, sets a higher ergonomic standard for motorcycle racers who hit the road hard. For more details, visit

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