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New repair line from ECHOtape

Products | September 17, 2014 | By:

Three products provide an alternative to duct tape.

ECHOtape recently launched a new line of repair tapes, offering an alternative to duct tape. The three new products-all-purpose repair tape, all-weather repair tape and heavy duty all-leak repair tape-are each designed to provide solutions for repairs, sealing and waterproofing needs.

Strong and flexible, the all-purpose tape is recommended for fixing rips, tears, gashes, holes, cracks, and gaps on a temporary basis, and can be easily removed with no residue. The all-weather tape is two inches wide and sticky enough to be applied to concrete, stone, wood, glass, metal, plastic, cement, plywood and damp fabrics. The all-leak tape is three inches wide and considered an extreme adhesive tape with double the stickiness of the all-weather tape. It is recommended for repairing roof joints, skylights, RVs, pools and ponds.

Visit ECHOtape’s blog, TAPED, for helpful repair tips and advice.

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