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Stars out in force at L.A. Live

Projects | November 1, 2014 | By:

The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board wanted to create a fun and festive atmosphere for a daytime summer event at the L.A. Live, an entertainment complex in downtown Los Angeles. They called on Air Dimensional Design, or AirDD®, to set up a burst of larger-than-life inflatable stars throughout the outdoor area. The bold purple and red stars instantly unified and filled the large space thematically. Rising above the crowd, the inflatables were a beacon of bright color that drew people to the plaza.

The stars are part of AirDD’s Hi-Lights™ line. Because of their large, three-dimensional shape, only a few are needed to fill a space and create impact. Made of flame-retardant fabric, Hi-Lights can double as light and décor and come in different shapes and colors. In addition, they are an environmentally friendly choice, requiring just 1–3 amps on average to use. AirDD’s custom modular pop-up stand, the Stand-Out!™, makes set-up quick and easy. The stands are dressed in black fabric and feature internal power cords. One or more Hi-Lights can be suspended from a Stand-Out! stand, and a variety of stand choices are available to create designs as needed.

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