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The portable yurt

Tents | November 1, 2014 | By:

Modern-day nomads will appreciate how an ancient type of dwelling has been updated for their busy lives. The Jero yurt is comparatively lightweight and can be packed into a small car or even towed on a bicycle trailer. Three people can assemble it in less than two hours–no tools required. Available from Trakke, the Scottish manufacturer of high-quality outdoor luggage, the Jero yurt is the result of a collaboration with designer Uula Jero. “Using CNC fabrication techniques, we have been able to cut far more complex shapes that allow us to strip as much material away as possible without compromising on strength,” said Jero.

The yurt is ideal for a variety of uses including glamping, garden parties or even a guest bedroom or pop-up shop. Made from premium quality marine plywood, it features a 15-ounce waterproof cotton canvas cover. The plywood panels link together and tensioning straps around the perimeter of the cabin stiffen the structure. Digitally fabricated pieces interlock to make the roof poles, which form a radius that supports the canvas skin and allows for a skylight in the center of the roof. Polyester ropes fasten the canvas cover to the base of the wall panels. Assembled, the yurt is four meters wide (the interior space is 12.57 square meters); it packs down to a 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.5 meter space.

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