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Transporter with a twist

Products | February 1, 2015 | By:

The new versatile die and mold handling transporter from Air Technical Industries can rotate any heavy industrial item, such as a die, mold or a motor, 360 degrees. Equipped with four push-pull arms, the transporter is installed on polyurethane roller bearing wheels and can store, retrieve and transport the die lengthwise for easier maneuverability and then rotate it crosswise at the press for installation. With increased lift, dies and molds can be stored on the shelf or racked two high, doubling storage space. Capacities available range from 2,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds, and deck sizes range in width from 24 to 96 inches, and in length from 48 to 144 inches.

SOURCE Air Technical Industries, Mentor, Ohio, U.S.A., 888 857 6265

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