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Prioritize, ‘de-risk’ investment in wearable technology materials

Industry News | February 16, 2015 | By:

More than $25 billion will be spent on wearable technology in 2025.

Where are wearable technologies going? Wherever the smart materials will lead, according to Dr. Peter Harrop, chair of IDTechEx, in an analysis released in December 2014 called “Wearable Technology Materials 2015–2025.”

Harrop’s projection is that in 2025 more than $25 billion will be spent on formulations and intermediate materials for wearable technology. To make wearable technology that people want to wear, design is a key element. The next wave of wearable devices will be smaller, flexible, more comfortable, hidden or transparent, implantable or disposable-and consumers ask that they never be short on power.

Harrop’s book recommends that device developers and manufacturers look at materials that are low risk because they have multiple uses, as well as prevalence of different material formulations in current wearable technology designs.

Source: IDTechEx

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