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Mogul PET product is flame-resistant

Industry News, News | April 5, 2016 | By:

Turkish nonwoven fabric specialist, Mogul, has introduced MOPET® TCS, a spunbond fabric made from mono-component trilobal filament. It was produced from a PET polymer chip containing a special fire-retardant component and is flame-resistant in accordance with BS5852-2 without fire-retardant impregnation of the fabric. The raw material additive enabled the resultant fabric to self-extinguish a flame and any subsequent smouldering. The additive to the polymer chip does not contain any toxic fire retardants from the halogen group elements nor heavy metal flame-retardant additives.

Fire-resistant fabric may allow for reduction in the overall amount of fire retardant materials injected into the furnishing’s padding and components since the fire source is generally external to the furnishing. The successful accreditation is part of Mogul’s drive to produce better performing fabrics for specialized and differentiated end use.

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