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Motorcycle racers confront danger in D-air®

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D-air® Armor, worn under a rider’s racing suit, can deploy in 30 milliseconds and reaches full protection level within 80 milliseconds. Photo: Dainese Group.

Motorcycle racing isn’t for the faint of heart, and the 2016 Supersport World Championship is a top-tier competition for international riders on production-based motorcycles of 600 to 750 cm³ displacement. Czech rider Ondrej Ježek finished in 14th place at the Motorland Aragon race in Spain, but made history nonetheless by being the first to wear a D-air® Armor “open platform” racing suit that featured an entire protection system—airbag, electronics, GPS, battery and gas generator—in the undergarment’s back protector.

Dainese Group headquartered in Vincenza, Italy, unveiled its D-air Armor system at the Mugello MotoGPTM in May 2015. The company, which develops advanced protective wear for motorcycling, mountain biking, winter sports and equestrian use, teamed up with Czech manufacturer of made-to-measure motorcycle clothing PSÍ HUBÍK to bring D-air technology to riders worldwide. The system detects dangerous situations and automatically inflates special airbags around the rider’s body during a prospective accident or injury. An algorithm analyzes data from various in-garment sensors and decides when to deploy the system.

Photo: Dainese Group.

D-Tec® (Dainese Technology Centre) created the innovative system following 15 years of research into airbag technology, which was first used by official Dainese-sponsored riders. Since its first deployment in 2006 by a stunt rider on a test track, the D-air system has protected many motorcyclists on city streets and in international racing venues. For more, visit


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