Durability | 2017

Value Vinyls  |  valuevinyls.com  |  877 716 6651


Sioen Fluomax Series of vinyl products, distributed by Value Vinyls, includes double-side knife-coated fabrics built for strength and durability in tensile architecture applications. Designed to provide low wicking and resist moisture, the fabrics are also stable, abrasion-resistant, strong, seamless and sustainable. Unique coating process coats the front and back in one run, avoiding unfavorable thermal or mechanical shocks during the process, assuring
a tough, quality material.

Swela  |  swela.com  |  727 560 3573


Spun-dried polyester for marine applications is engineered for the toughest climates; the fabric is PVC-free but virtually waterproof—will not leak even after a week of standing water. High-tech 37+ fabric will not permanently stretch or shrink, and returns to its original shape after being distorted by heavy wind and water. It also does not fray after being cut, so hot knifing is not needed, and the yarns are treated with UV inhibitors, anti-fungal agents and Teflon for minimum maintenance and ultimate protection from sun and sea. Fully recyclable.

Rochford supply  |  rochfordsupply.com  |  763 447 6600


Top Gun, 78 inches wide, is water-repellent, strong and dimensionally stable, designed for the boating and marine industry. Other benefits of the Top Gun fabric line include tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant durability; the 78-inch width allows fabricators to cover many boats without a seam. Product features a 5-year warranty against loss of color
or strength under normal exposure conditions.

Serge Ferrari North America  |  sergeferrari.com  |  954 942 3600


Serge Ferrari One is a durable but exceptionally soft upholstery fabric designed for demanding indoor and outdoor environments: hospitality, yachting and contract seating. Oil-resistant and easy to clean, it’s phthalate-free and fire-retardant. Now available in 25 colors, with a choice of smooth or grain finish. Seven-year warranty offered.

O’SULLIVAN FILMS  |  skai.us  |  540 550 4673


Innovative artificial leather skai® Smart Base Veneto is durable, easy to clean and phthalate-free, without the problems of oil extraction and cracking that can occur with other nonphthalate materials. Unique design in trendsetting colors offers a fine color contrast in combination with the filigree grain to create an authentic look for all kinds of upholstery applications. UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant and flame-retardant, Veneto passes all ACT standards, and is CPSC and REACH compliant.

Biothane Coated Webbing  |  biothane.us  |  440 327 0485


Cleanable, durable and customized to the buyer’s specifications, Functional Embossed BioThane® is available on the manufacturer’s TPU- and PVC-coated webbing. Recommended for applications that need purpose for the emboss—for example, to have the teeth on the buckle interlock into the functional embossed pattern on a BioThane Waist Belt. Used on waist belts, sporting goods, oil wrenches and animal products, among other applications.

The newest width of coated webbing from BioThane, 1-3/4-inch Super Flex Coated Webbing was designed to meet customer demands from the waist belt industry, and is recommended for use in the military, tactical, medical and fashion markets. Produced to be easy to sew, the webbing is also maintenance-free, stretch-proof, cleanable, durable and waterproof.

Seaman Corporation  |  seamancorp.com/ShelterRiteTent  |  +1 330 262 1111


Engineered for the tent rental market, strong and durable Shelter-Rite Tent fabric is 20 percent lighter than the industry standard, according to the manufacturer, allowing for easier handling and cleanability. It’s also easier to install, reducing the physical labor required for rental companies. Seaman will offer fabricated custom panels, colors and widths to meet project and customer specifications.

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics  |  sunbrella.com  |  704 926 1359


Equally matched in design and performance, Sunbrella® Cirrus utilizes a traditional Sunbrella fabric construction, recommended for upscale, highly decorative applications—both traditional shade applications and more far-reaching cabanas and other structures. Fade-proof, easy care and cleanable with bleach, Cirrus is named for those thin, wispy cloud formations, with multiple weaves that give it the illusion of layering and clouds floating. It’s 54 inches wide, available in “Dove” (cool gray) and “Sand” (warm linen tone).


Fade-proof Sunbrella Avenues, combining design and performance, offers a contemporary aesthetic, asymmetrical block stripe recommended for modern homes or commercial settings. Designed for easy care and bleach cleanability, it is available at 54 inches wide, offered in “Daylight” (neutral tones white, flax and gravel) and “Midnight” (darker tones black, blue and charcoal). The color is embedded deep inside every fiber for superior fade resistance, giving customers more options to create high style in outdoor environments.