Safety and Protective | 2017

Safety first  |  |  803 272 3666

Safety first

Uniquetex is a joint venture company that manufactures and supplies various spunbond polypropylene nonwovens, spunbond polyester nonwovens and bi-co nonwovens for use in medical, hygiene and industrial applications.

Uniquetex LLC

Thermal insulation  |  |  +81 66 448 6058

Thermal insulation

Heat Shut is a tent material that has a high heat-shielding effect. With its light-shielding layer, it offers more thermal insulation and makes a comfortable space with reduced sunlight. Recommended for home and shop awnings.

Izumi-Cosmo Co. Ltd.

Keeping bugs at bay  |  |  +81 33 661 5311

Keeping bugs at bay

Insect Repellent Mesh is a fine mesh structure treated with nontoxic insect repellent absorbent. Mixed into the PVC coating, the mesh is flame-retardant and offers excellent dimension stability and insect-repellent performance for two to three years. Recommended for pipe tents, partition curtains, screen doors, animal shelters and curtains for food stands.

Kanbo Pras Corporation

Padding protection  |  |  877 716 6651

Padding protection

Wall-Up 14 is a knife-coated durable fabric equipped with a cow leather finish. Treated with UV, anti-mildew and antimicrobial properties to protect against bacteria, it also meets NFPA-701 and CSFM guidelines and achieves a Class A rating for ASTM E-84. Available in five colors in a 61-inch width.


EverGRIP22 is a high-grip, anti-skid unbalanced coated vinyl fabric with a diamond emboss. The 22-oz. material is constructed with a 90/10 coating and a half-panama weave for high tear and tensile strength and is recommended for athletic applications such as the underside of gym mats and plyoboxes. Available in 61-inch widths and custom widths up to 126 inches.

Value Vinyls Inc.

Quality water  |  |  540 980 4461

Quality water

Used for the storage of potable water, vita 1100 NSF and vita 800 NSF ensure that the quality of drinking water is not negatively affected by contact with other materials. Both offer high adhesion, UV-resistance and flexibility and are NSF/ANSI 61 certified.

HEYtex®/ BondCote Corporation

Glowing visibility  |  |  440 327 0485

From dog collars and bridles to snow shoes and other sporting goods, Glow BioThane® offers high visibility for safety in the dark. With six times more glowing power, it is available on BioThane’s cleanable, durable, waterproof TPU-coated webbing. Available in ¾-inch and 1-inch widths in select colors.

BioThane® Coated Webbing