UV Protection | 2017

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Attractive and tough

Recommended for boating and marine applications, 11-oz. Aquatime HD offers exceptional strength, durability, water repellency and resistance to mildew and UV radiation. The heavy-duty, vinyl-coated 100 percent polyester fabric, available in a 62-inch width, features a unique color-coating enhanced with a proprietary clear coating on both sides to prevent color transfer or rub-off. A five-year warranty is offered.

Herculite 13-oz. Laminate offers superior UV protection, mildew and fungal resistance, recommended for boat house canopies, industrial curtains and patio enclosures. Made specifically for Rochford Supply, the fabric is resistant to tearing and abrasion, with a finish formulated to resist mildew and fungus, featuring the popular Faille emboss that adds durability and enhances appearance.


On the water  |  trivantage.com  |  336 586 1173

On the water

Powered by Perfecta Marine® technology, hybrid-coated during manufacturing for optimal protection from UV rays, Aqualon Edge® significantly reduces heat gain to keep surfaces and interior temperatures cooler. Multi-use marine fabric, recommended for applications such as boat covers and bimini tops, is available exclusively through Trivantage, comes in 20 fade- and stain-resistant colors, and can be cleaned with a mix of water and mild detergent with a soft bristle brush.


Outdoor options  |  abc-industries.net/  |  574 267 5166

For tents and fabric structures, VentaSpan® reinforced vinyl laminate (14 oz./yd.2) offers a versatile, lightweight translucent fabric for maximum brightness inside a structure—or VentaSpan Sun-Bloc® (16 oz./yd.2 or heavy-duty 18 oz./yd.2) can prevent heat and sunlight from penetrating, and stand up to harsh weather while maintaining a structure’s aesthetic appeal. Fabric is specially engineered to resist UV damage and cold cracking. Both styles are available in a range of attractive colors.

Making it mesh  |  izumi-cosmo.co.jp  |  +81 66 448 6058

Making it mesh

Air-permeable mesh for sunscreen blinds, for residential or commercial spaces, is produced with an ultra-violet adsorbent to absorb harmful UV radiation and maintain comfortable indoor spaces. Brenesta can also be printed using ink-jet printing, to be used for advertising and signage if desired. Flame-proofing has been added.


Shade with privacy  |  tempotestusa.com  |  972 835 0772

Shade with privacy

A new screen fabric provides shade and privacy, and absorbs up to 97 percent of the heat from solar radiation while allowing the passage of light. Tempotest StarScreen® is available in 11 designer colors to add to the aesthetics of any structure, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Made from recyclable PET solution-dyed yarns, the fabric is PVC-free and fire-retardant, fade-resistant and treated with Teflon for easy cleaning.


On the road  |  verseidagus.com  |  864 706 1625

On the road

Biogas membrane is specifically engineered for digester storage system applications. The PVC coating is designed to allow for minimal methane permeability while providing excellent UV resistance. It can be used in both single- and double-membrane systems, and is offered in different weights and colors. Standard width is 98 inches.

Vinyl-coated polyester material is used for tarps and retractable truck covers, with an acrylic topcoat for superior UV resistance and easy cleaning. B1293 680-gram fabric is available in a variety of colors, at a standard width of 98 inches; custom widths of 118 inches and 126 inches are also available.


Strong, thin and flat  |  sergeferrari.com  |  954 942 3600

Strong, thin and flat

Serge Ferrari’s Soltis line of shade fabrics, available with openness factors of 14 percent, 8 percent, 4 percent and opaque, can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, for screens, awnings, retractables and pergolas. Offering exceptional dimensional stability, the fabrics will not stretch or curl, and the edges will not fray. Thin and lightweight, manufactured using patented Précontraint® technology, the materials use smaller tubes and motors, but provide long-term durability, even in extreme climates.


Specialty screening  |  adfors.com  |  716 404 6395

Specialty screening

Full line of ortho-phthalate-free screening is Greenguard Gold certified, easy to install for use on windows, doors, patios, pool cages, screen porches and gazebos. ADFORS screening uses both fiberglass and polyester yarns, providing increased strength and durability without compromising visibility, allowing more light and airflow with a reduced wind load. Available in 100-foot contractor rolls in widths up to 106 inches, with a 7-year warranty.


Architectural shade  |  galecommercial.com/en/  |  407 772 7900

Architectural shade

Commercial Heavy 430 is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions on large-scale tension structures, offering superior biaxial strength and load-bearing performance for optimum shape and tensioning endurance. The UV-protective fabric provides airflow and shade (up to 94 percent shade factor) at a variety of open-air settings without hindering the outdoor experience. Made from 100 percent high-quality HDPE round monofilament using a patent-pending intertwining knit pattern, it’s available in 13 colors and offers a 15-year full replacement warranty against UV degradation.

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