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Coats launches unique yarn for telecom cable industry

Company News | October 15, 2020 | By:

Global industrial thread manufacturer Coats Group is launching Gotex StremX. According to Coats, it’s the first new product of its kind for the telecom cable industry in 20 years. For use as a strength member in fiber optic cables, it is the critical component that preserves the integrity and flexibility of cables to protect the wires and fibers they are carrying. 

To date, telecom cables have traditionally been produced using glass or para-aramid fibers as the central strength members, but this new product by the innovation team at Coats has adapted a specific composition of a material substrate used predominantly in the aerospace and wind energy markets.

The new product is a premium quality yarn with a unique coating that enhances both the static and dynamic properties of the strength member. It provides a cost-effective alternative to aramid strength members and excellent mechanical properties with temperature, UV and corrosion resistance.

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